Uri Avnery, nato ad Hannover nel 1924, emigrato in Palestina all'avvento del nazismo (1933). Dal 1938 al 1942 stato membro dell'IRGUN (Organizzazione Nazionale Militare). Nel 1948 ha combattuto nell'Haganah, divenuto in seguito Esercito di Difesa israeliano. Ha fondato la prima organizzazione politica israelo-palestinese, la PLP (Progressive List for Peace), che ha rappresentato per tre legislature al Knesset, il parlamento israeliano. Gi redattore capo del settimanale Haolam Hazeh, dirige oggi Gush Shalom (Blocco pacifista), organizzazione impegnata nell'opposizione democratica e nel dialogo col popolo palestinese.


Israele senza sionisti, Laterza, Bari 1970;

Mio fratello, il nemico, Diffusioni 84, Milano 1988.

"War or peace in the Semitic region" (booklet, 1947, Hebrew).

"In the fields of the Philistines" (1949, Hebrew, translated into Spanish and Yiddish), best-selling combat diary (twelve editions).

"The other side of the coin" (1950, Hebrew), war experiences (was boycotted because of description of atrocities).

"The Swastika" (1961, Hebrew), analysis of growth of the Nazi movement in Germany.

"Israel without Zionists" ("the war of the seventh day") (1968, English - Macmillan us and Britain - translated into Hebrew, French, German, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Spanish), history of the Israeli-Arab conflict, a plea for a Middle Eastern community.

"1 against 119" (1969, Hebrew), speeches by Uri Avnery in the Knesset, edited by Amnon Zichroni.

"My friend, the enemy" (1988, English, translated into Hebrew, French, German, Italian), a personal testimony about contacts with the PLO since 1974. German edition with preface by Bruno Kreisky.

"Lenin doesn't live here anymore" (1991, Hebrew), about the transformation in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. "We wear the shirt of Nessos" (1991, German), Israel after the Gulf war.

"Two peoples, Two states" (1995, German), conversation with Uri Avnery, preface by Rudolf Augstein.

"The Jerusalem question" (1996, German), conversations of Uri Avnery and Azmi Bishara with Israeli and Palestinian personalities.


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